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Posted: 02/17/09 12:24 PM
Author: Whoameye2you
Location: Ohio
Posts: 18


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Song on Interscope promo CD, need song/artist
I received a promotional CD with various Interscope artists. However I lost the case and I am trying to find out a particular artist and song name. The year according to the CD was 2001.

It's a mellow song and it's a gentleman singing the song.

Here are some of the lyrics:

Verse 1
As we step from across the room
Starting to ponder we've been going through
what does my kiss mean to you?
Are we just friends or is this more to you

But if we label this just picture what we might lose
That unexpected kiss that whole feeling that brought me to you

Meanwhile my feelings grow
(grooooow, groooow, groooow, groooow)

There's also a female spoken word artist featured on the song as well. HELP!

Posted: 02/18/09 01:16 PM
Author: Kriztina
Location: virginia
Posts: 4


Song on Interscope promo CD, need song/artist
love poems by bilal would be my guess

Aaron From OHWC
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