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Posted: 12/10/09 01:50 PM
Author: chrispaulandrews
Location: UK, Leicester
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Are these 70s tracks available on CD?
1. A group called Dolphin with a song called "Only 17". Lyrics include ..." trouble was everywhere and nobody seemed to care ...to be young at 17"
2. A group I think was called Child and a song called To Be Alone. Lyrics include ..."she made the wrong decision now eveything's gone wrong she's hoping that somebody will come along ... to be alone .. to be broken down and on your own.."
3. A group called The Nocturnes (included Lynsey de Paul)and a song called Why(am I treated so bad?) which was a reworking of a famous Staples singers protest song.

Posted: 04/27/10 04:48 AM
Author: coachkev
Location: UK
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Are these 70s tracks available on CD?
Did you get lucky with Only 17?
I thought I was the only person who knew it existed. Been trying for years to get hold of a copy. I lost the single when I moved house.
Posted: 11/03/10 01:59 PM
Author: Michelebell28
Location: usa
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Are these 70s tracks available on CD?
Look on PopMarket.com

Aaron From OHWC
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