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Posted: 02/07/10 08:28 PM
Author: grits
Location: the south
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do you know this song?
I'm from Birmingham, Alabama, and when I was a teenager in the early 1970's we had an alternative/underground FM radio station. DJ's name was Father Tree. The station would sometimes play this song which had lyrics which went something like this "well, I met her in the summer of my 7th/junior high? year" and then "I saw her again when I was a little more mature/secure?". The genre was like alt/country and I think the artist's name had Mac/Mack in it. I've checked Mac MacAnally but it's not one of his songs and he didn't start recording until the late 70's. I've also checked the lyrics web sites and have come up short. Can anybody help?

Aaron From OHWC
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