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Posted: 04/27/10 04:44 AM
Author: coachkev
Location: UK
Posts: 2


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Hi everyone. hoping you all can help.
I remember buying a single in the 70s by the group Dolphin called "ONLY 17" or "ONLY SEVENTEEN".
I lost the single when I moved and for the life of me I cannot track ANYWHERE on the web etc that even lists it let along trying to download it.

Can anyone point me in the right direction.


Posted: 04/27/10 05:25 AM
Author: chrispaulandrews
Location: UK, Leicester
Posts: 2


I've not yet found this on CD but managed to convert my cassette to an iTune. On receiving your mail I googled Dolphin Only 17 1977 and found one copy of the vinyl single for sale at ?4 at a site called musicstack. Hope you're lucky. Any problems I'm cpa at dmu dot ac dot uk

Aaron From OHWC
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