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Posted: 05/17/10 02:07 PM
Author: BamaBino
Location: USA
Posts: 1


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A cook named Leona?
Does anyone remember this obscure song most likely from the mid-70's? It was possibly done by a southern rock band about stopping to eat at a country cafe where a cook named Leona fixed them fried chicken so good that it made the Colonel run and hide. And the homemade biscuits were as big as your fist.It had a piano pumpin' sound and the chorus went something like this:

I said Oh Leona, don't you wanna' come and do some cookin' for me?
Oh Oh won't you be my honey child?
Oh Oh won't you be my honey child?
Your down home cookin' drives me wild.
Well come on and stay with me awhile.
Oh Oh Oh Leona, don't you wanna?
Oh Oh Oh Leona, don't you wanna?


Posted: 05/17/10 09:47 PM
Author: Candu
Location: Canada
Posts: 101


A cook named Leona?
Here is a link to Youtube for the Wet Willie song "Leona".


Aaron From OHWC
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