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Posted: 07/06/10 02:53 PM
Author: Perridox
Location: Western Mass
Posts: 1


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Couple of questions
Hi Everyone,

I'm new here, but I've always had a soft spot for music of the 70's ... especially the cheesy stuff, and am enjoying the discussion.

I'm writing a novel about a one-hit-wonder and have been doing research on music of this time period (late 70's). I'm trying to figure out what happens to those one hit groups and individuals after their 15 minutes has passed.

What sort of royalties do they end up with? How many continue plugging away and how many take up some other work?

My new writing blog is at www.lesserapricots.blogspot.com I've posted a couple of videos there-- not all one hit wonders, but definitely good stuff.

Thanks so much,

Aaron From OHWC
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