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Posted: 08/14/10 04:32 AM
Author: tztzmetalis
Location: USA, California
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Name that Song (most likely 70s)
well I was at my local Fry's electronics store when I heard song being played. I absolutely had the lyrics in my head but my friend got in a car accident right after so I had to help him out, forgetting the lyrics in the process...

If anyone can help me figure out these lyrics
it was a 70s band probably

well the main hook/chorus went like this:
"Cause I'm standing in the falling rain, I want to see you again, standin' in the falling rain

and it repeats for a while. The band is composed of i think 5-6 black singers some with afros some without and they had a real smooth voice. The song itself is very smooth and not a dance or funk oriented song, more soul...

If anyone can figure this out it'll be real nice of you!

p.s. sorry for all the grammar, and capitalization error I had to do this in a hurry!

Aaron From OHWC
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