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Posted: 11/03/10 04:29 AM
Author: pupazzi
Location: brussels
Posts: 10


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almost instrumental disco song hard to find
Hello, i've this song of the middle 70' i think. Here's a small description: it starts with strings and a guitar in a "Shaft way" and then a wah wah guitar and a good bass line. The large use of strings reminds Chic but it's not them.

The vocal part is small, here the lyrics, some are missing, female voice, clear, powerful: "The music surrounds us....... the way that we're dancing how can i resist, so much temptation........ it's a persuasion".....something like that but it's a small part then the instrumental comes up again with more uptempo strings, some horns, then a solo almost distorted guitar at the end.....

This song reminds me a period pre-Chic in the early disco age

Aaron From OHWC
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