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Posted: 10/26/07 06:23 PM
Author: orpheus18
Location: UK
Posts: 1


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Barry White Lives On
Here's one for all you disco fans out there. I was browsing through the releases on ITunes the other day and came across a real howler - a song called "King of Love" by some group named Midwinter. Got no idea who they are but they seem to have captured the spirit of Barry White - I can only assume the song is a tribute to him.

I downloaded it and it is really catchy - the lyrics are absolutely hilarious. You've got to check it out. Just search for Midwinter and you should get it.

Maybe the great Mr. White is not dead?

Posted: 04/09/08 01:37 PM
Author: johnmusic88
Location: Earth
Posts: 8


Barry White Lives On

Aaron From OHWC
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