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Posted: 04/08/08 02:08 AM
Author: jara
Location: czech republic
Posts: 13


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1975 song name [mp3 clip included]
What is the title of the song and who is the artist?
Here are parts of the song.....
yes for you, yooou,
Well maybe tomorrow far away, And maybe the sun has gone awayyyaya,
I'm feeling so bad since you let me down,I search for a star, that passed me afar.
good for you, yooou,so now how can I not think of you,
you'll be mine eternally,how can I not think of you,
ahha ahha ahha ahha oohhoo oohhoo oohhoo ahha ahha ahha,
your mine....

link to clip

PLEASE help.
Thanks so much.

Aaron From OHWC
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