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Posted: 08/19/08 04:02 PM
Author: Kurt68
Location: Red Sox Nation
Posts: 2


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Need help finding song/artist
I'm looking for a song from the mid or early 70's. I don't know the artist/group or title, so my description will be somewhat obscure.

Part of the song's lyrics are as follows....(rymes with "2") - "wheeeew,wheeeeeew, ride all right all right," followed by some slide guitar work, then repeats "ride", slide guitar, repeats "ride" again.

My first guess was maybe Edgar Winter group or Foghat but I'm not sure. I've done many searches but haven't found anything.

If someone could help me brainstorm, it would really be helpful.


Posted: 08/19/08 09:21 PM
Author: Dan
Location: Claybricks
Posts: 2969


Need help finding song/artist
Jo Jo Gunne - Run Run Run {1972}

Click to hear



Posted: 08/20/08 03:43 PM
Author: Kurt68
Location: Red Sox Nation
Posts: 2


Need help finding song/artist
That's it!

Thanks Dan! Now I can die in peace! LOL

Aaron From OHWC
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