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Posted: 08/27/08 02:45 PM
Author: whirlwind
Location: Scotland
Posts: 4


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Wishing Well
Has anybody ever heard the Marmalade song "Wishing Well"???

I used to have the single.......and foolishly got rid of it. AND can you believe it, not only can I not find the song on any Marmalade album anywhere, but I can't find anything to prove the song ever existed in the first place-even with all the internet searches I've done! Can anyone enlighten me??


Posted: 08/27/08 03:09 PM
Author: Dan
Location: Claybricks
Posts: 2969


Wishing Well
Artist: Marmalade

Song: The Wishing Well

Released: June, 1973

Media: 45 record

Label: EMI 3676 (also listed as EMI 2033)

Produced by Chris Kimsey & Marmalade. Recorded In England

Side A: Wishing Well

Side B: Engine Driver

Note: 'Dean Ford & The Gaylords' originally formed in Scotland in 1963. Signed to CBS records in 1967 and changed the name to 'Marmalade'

This record is for sale at many places including Ebay. If you would like this song in digital form, contact Vic Ferri at [email protected]


Posted: 07/09/09 06:22 PM
Author: Oldiebutgoodie
Location: USA
Posts: 4


Wishing Well
I found this video it has a 15 sec delay before starting. The quality is not so good but its the song Wishing Well By Marmalade. I hope you enjoy.
Posted: 07/17/09 04:12 PM
Author: whirlwind
Location: Scotland
Posts: 4


Wishing Well
That's fantastic! Thanks for your help!

Aaron From OHWC
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