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Posted: 05/18/07 04:19 PM
Author: jcdevon
Location: Alberta
Posts: 5


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beyond the hits....
Like many music fans I'm tired of hearing the same old hits repeatedly on the radio. I've tried looking for new stuff on Pandora, and I check out as much as I can (while at work) in the music store at itunes. What I'm looking for here are some insights to those unknown gems from past albums. You know what I mean, the good songs on albums that never got released as singles.
In the seventies I had no cash to buy albums except for a special few. All my knowledge came from radio. I thought Paul was the leader of the Beatles until I moved to Calgary in 1979 and heard FM rock. I always wondered why people talked about John so much.
I figure there must be something hidden in somebody's favorite file that I would like.
I bought Rumors, Crime Of The Century, Boston, Night Moves, Some Girls, Captain Fantastic And The Brown Dirt Cowboy, and Minute By Minute when I was a teen. I know these well, and others that were by those artists around the same era. FM rock introduced me to Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, The Doors, Hendrix, and all that stuff that still gets regular airplay. Nothing new here.
If you can direct me toward good 70's music that never got airplay as a released single or FM "classic" I'd be very thankful. jc

Aaron From OHWC
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