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Who sings this song?markbechard1650810/28/2008 05:36 AM
"You are My Love"Dizisdiz725109/11/2008 07:54 AM
PLZ NAME THAT SONGcody704209/09/2008 08:16 PM
lyrics include gonna find some kinda lovindtjustice485009/02/2008 01:54 AM
early 70's song -female lead singer of group.Pattydee2022209/01/2008 02:24 AM
without herPattydee735108/28/2008 01:30 AM
need artist and song titlePattydee799108/27/2008 11:02 AM
PLZ NAME THAT SONGcody506008/21/2008 12:03 AM
who is this and what's the title?gj7767108/19/2008 10:05 PM
That Memphis soundCharlie477008/09/2008 10:28 PM
please i need help with these 70's soul balladsrapmongul1588007/15/2008 02:38 AM
Help me ID this band/songcactus906507/09/2008 02:16 PM
something like "i took a left(or right) on 34th street" 90'syung cal473006/23/2008 09:13 AM
The Hollies' "On A Carousel" New Wave RemakeEdwin759106/18/2008 01:59 AM
1 songmusicfan2008817106/11/2008 01:13 AM
70s discorose farnworth865105/05/2008 06:49 PM
"He's just a freak--he won't dance--he's just a gigolo..."roddmatsui1666104/19/2008 09:54 AM
"Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday, Saturday night we all party down..."roddmatsui2449204/18/2008 11:22 AM
a song with a very repetitive chorus that i cant find via googlezetazeroes964104/09/2008 03:07 PM
late 70's disco songdjkwik1575103/30/2008 07:44 AM
I will never find this song its impossibleadamangkeona1224203/28/2008 09:56 AM
Bulldog 1970s bandpaceemail2378403/17/2008 12:24 AM
Daddy Coolswooz2715202/05/2008 07:41 PM
Help!! What's This Song?dblejeune1952301/22/2008 12:21 PM
Looking for the name & artist of this song. HELP!vozdemano718101/10/2008 07:41 PM

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