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Title or artistsandra smith799101/08/2008 01:34 AM
help settle an arguementsheros849112/31/2007 03:54 PM
Coca cola LP-All summer long 1978.LW751012/08/2007 08:25 AM
70's? Need help with Song IDfunkytoad563011/30/2007 11:31 AM
Looking for proper name of a 70's (I think) song and artist.70sfan1062711/26/2007 12:50 AM
92 or 93 dance song with strange lyricsmadcam885111/25/2007 10:26 PM
Who is the artist and or name of this songjon819211/21/2007 08:56 PM
Who is the artist of this song?bendher2007792111/13/2007 04:28 PM
70s R&B song, female singer/group... please help!!!OKCRay2133311/03/2007 11:51 AM
Help settle an on line arguementyoungrone684410/24/2007 04:51 AM
BuccaneerCarol O4381310/15/2007 08:18 PM
70's funk song, can someone tell me who sings it?nycfemme1524110/13/2007 05:57 PM
cause we're gonna have a beach partyMario1180210/11/2007 04:10 PM
Who sings this....Lee,leon...maybe leon russell...evamarie1116210/07/2007 03:22 PM
Name this title or Artist please!!askhawkins609010/04/2007 03:41 PM
Need title and artist ...annee700309/10/2007 09:14 PM
I need a second song titleWynne A. Bogert825209/03/2007 10:31 PM
I need the title and artist for a song - circa 1972jasnic979208/26/2007 02:11 AM
I need the title of the songWynne A. Bogert879108/25/2007 10:59 AM
In the midnight hourrmandrums846108/19/2007 09:54 PM
HELProbcx3574008/18/2007 06:10 PM
HELP ME PLEASE...LATE 80'S OR EARLY 90'S I NEED LOVE BY LL COOL J TYPE SONGajenedam557008/16/2007 06:13 PM
please help! pulling out hairrrahbit853108/15/2007 08:09 AM
Don't think that your mama don't know...who sang it?Peggy131009408/10/2007 02:02 PM

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