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get on down.....pupazzi2369412/06/2010 04:47 AM
Tune from ny childhoodRussell1058412/06/2010 12:43 AM
R&B 70s tunemuzikmakr29860011/30/2010 09:29 PM
Moonlight songmuzikmakr29679011/30/2010 08:30 PM
tune from the 70sgraham19471123311/29/2010 02:43 PM
almost instrumental disco song hard to findpupazzi1527011/03/2010 04:29 AM
Please help me find a songaltazman713009/19/2010 12:56 AM
help me find this 90s song!!! please!!adamangkeona24471408/31/2010 02:19 PM
Name that Song (most likely 70s)tztzmetalis1063008/14/2010 04:32 AM
TO BE WITH YOUTRINI BAUTISTA1061408/01/2010 01:56 AM
Duo female/male song 70s?gorr891593107/24/2010 09:10 AM
Alice cooper host for rock collection??gorr89807006/27/2010 02:41 AM
need help with a southern rock song from late '70's(possibly early 80's)everybodys mom763006/18/2010 07:06 PM
l-o-o-o-o-o-o-v-e an early 70's perhaps late 60's strangish songwayneb1581104/16/2010 01:58 AM
Need help identifying a song -- partial lyricsTerribly Vexed1306004/08/2010 04:30 PM
Need help identifying a song please help!Roman1511092203/29/2010 10:49 PM
horn band songjohnl1228403/04/2010 06:45 PM
Swiss R&R Yoddling one hit wonderCaptain Gary1187212/31/2009 05:54 PM
Song of the 70'sosaka2287911/19/2009 02:32 PM
Help me with 2 slow songs from the 70'sKonstantinos V1107111/12/2009 05:56 AM
1975 song- lyricsjara1171210/30/2009 04:23 PM
1970 or 1971 songjara954010/16/2009 10:19 AM
help me find a song from early 70's--father and son discussing what is lifewestern1021009/26/2009 07:10 PM
musicboonsexy980109/14/2009 08:21 PM
70s song i cant find the name ofzetazeroes1524208/15/2009 12:25 PM

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