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Looking For Artist and song nameCooCoo813108/02/2009 10:59 AM
???song from early 70sgtiger661142407/17/2009 10:13 PM
Help me with songmac575007/03/2009 04:16 PM
Need title and artist early 70's songmike261692306/18/2009 01:00 AM
HELP I TRIED ALL OVER!nazty dog960205/16/2009 05:04 PM
New York (the song title, I think)Jon Love1185105/16/2009 03:18 PM
song id (mp3 sample included)quatra1224504/27/2009 08:17 PM
The 2 Songs from the 70's I hate (Then and Now)bussell1165304/23/2009 01:13 AM
need help 70's dance tunerldelrosario513004/23/2009 12:27 AM
Lyrics in song "Michael and Rollerskates"sheriff5811800104/21/2009 02:23 AM
Please help me to find the name of this singerEd526004/08/2009 04:53 PM
In the video he is riding on horseback to rescue his lover???katehercules589204/05/2009 02:19 PM
Trafalgar song or bandjadran508003/01/2009 01:05 PM
Song on Interscope promo CD, need song/artistWhoameye2you612102/18/2009 01:16 PM
rare version??? Anybody?cody506002/14/2009 01:24 AM
Plz I need help on this one. It's a necessity!!!cody504002/14/2009 01:06 AM
PLEASE HELP ME!! Electronic Song '70AxelF502002/05/2009 09:02 AM
80's or 90's hitcarwotcar732101/09/2009 08:41 AM
70's funksong (heard in Undercover Brother)junoir1278412/15/2008 07:28 AM
this song it's in my headpeace946768211/24/2008 01:38 AM
name that song pleaselevent68563010/20/2008 08:13 AM
need song and artisttina_1138771310/09/2008 05:19 PM
looking for artistohiofitter739209/16/2008 08:38 PM
Dunno even if this is from the 70sTrechat467009/02/2008 06:18 PM
Need help finding song/artistKurt68921208/20/2008 03:45 PM

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