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Help identify "1976 unknown song"jara1109108/07/2008 01:00 PM
one hit wonderpercy hamilton777107/23/2008 09:36 PM
dont rememberyung cal512006/23/2008 08:54 AM
can't find name/artist of I song I like on rainy daysMike721119606/12/2008 11:34 AM
70's R&B song ???Bentley503006/06/2008 02:03 PM
reply for kateherculesyoungrone371006/02/2008 04:23 AM
cant find song nameiceman117423666104/24/2008 05:53 PM
please help me finding this songiceman117423756204/21/2008 09:15 PM
really hard to find songrose farnworth792204/15/2008 03:19 AM
The Steve Miller Bandjohnmusic88482004/09/2008 01:38 PM
1975 song name [mp3 clip included]jara575004/08/2008 02:08 AM
Can someone identify this song?gabagu29535004/07/2008 06:35 AM
Looking for 70's song name [mp3 clip included]DC1234878103/29/2008 08:35 PM
what is it calledwatchthis66464003/01/2008 06:40 PM
Crazzzyswooz798102/03/2008 05:26 PM
song released either 77 or 78 artist Goldie / Goldee does anyone know ?shelsi796301/21/2008 02:34 PM
70's songbertrandgolf789812/29/2007 12:13 AM
Tip of my tongue!! HELP!!!! Name song or artist!! PLZ!!MiiND GaMeZz994112/15/2007 06:06 PM
Tip of tongue!!!! PlZ READ, U might know it!!MiiND GaMeZz818312/15/2007 05:37 PM
song please?yesineedhelp933611/29/2007 01:28 AM
please help with this songCindyFitz848111/25/2007 10:17 PM
it was a 70's songjane822311/18/2007 01:26 PM
1970's songjdfan2018711/13/2007 04:20 PM
"Forgotten 45" of the early seventiesKate7712311/11/2007 12:43 PM
Need help finding the name of a 1970's instrumentalnwlakidd821110/21/2007 12:03 AM

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